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Brenda is sneaking in a cam show while her roommate, Ashley, is out for the night. She’s busy chatting with her fans when Ashley comes home early and finds out her secret. Lucky for Brenda, Ashley is DTF and agrees to make her first cam appearance on over Brenda’s lap with a spanking. The paddle party quickly leads to the bedroom and Brenda and Ashley literally forget they have a on line audience as they get way deep into pleasing each other

The sex is steaming, the bondage is tight and Ashley takes a hardcore fucking from Brenda who is in pussy heaven!


This amazing hentai redhead loves to fuck and her new fuck buddy is about to screw her tight pussy like nobody before! Click here and join Free Hentai Passport and watch this busty and kinky hentai redhead babe how she takes off all her clothes and rides this massive hard dick!

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Sexually Broken is proud to deliver another Feature Presentation. This weeks’s update, “The Unit” is part one of a true life fantasy from Darling, one of the Original Bondage Models, from the birth of the internet. All of our feature presentations are ACTUAL Fantasies of the girls we shoot for these special high budget Bondage and Rough Sex(BaRS)feature presentations.

THE UNIT is a collection of highly skilled former military, former bondage producers, former porn actors. It operates across the World, and is currently running ops in the Adirondack Mountains of the East Coast of America. The Unit is highly funded and equipped with state of the art technology and resources. Funding comes from civilian clients around the globe. The wealthy, the Privileged, and occasional pro bono client, all females, all vetted, all beautiful. They pay handsomely for their sexually fantasies, and the UNIT provides.

All over the world, everyday, some of the hottest, richest females in the world look at bondage and rough sex sites and wish the girl in the production was them. They all wish for it, they all want it, but it could never happen. The sad truth is this: if you are not in porn, you will never ever, have an experience like you see on the internet, period. What if there was a way to experience something like this without being on the internet? What if you could get the same experience you see in porn, but no one would ever, ever, find out?

What if the perfect storm of talent assembled, and created a UNIT. A UNIT with all the skills to deliver the highest quality fantasies, rough sex and amazing bondage, all in a safe sane environment? Would you sign up? Would you pay? What would you pay? You would pay any price, the UNIT knows, The UNIT does, The UNIT… is!


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Bambi is house sitting at her neighbors place. She’s bored and TV is barely keeping her awake. When a late night package delivery shows up, Bambi is quick to act on the tough guy that stands in the doorway.
She convinces him to come up stairs to check out a noise that is scaring her and before he can say no his pants are open and she is licking at his cock. He stiffens, what can it hurt to get a little head….
Bambi nearly skips around the bed, playing her game, keeping him just on the edge of horny while she switches up between tying his hands and sucking him deep in her mouth.
When he is completely bound, Bambi whips out her cock and shoves it in his mouth. Bound, helpless and with his own cock still hard, he begs for mercy but the only way out of this rope, is by giving up his ass.

Eva Lin debuts in her first shoot in nearly a year. She is sexier than ever and meaner than before!
She busts a cheater and makes it very clear that when you break the law, you are going to serve a different kind of time.
Kat Dior finds her cute self in way over her head when she naively lets Eva tie her up. Bound to the bed, and ready for sex and helpless – Eva reveals her identity as a worker’s comp investigated. Let the bargaining begin.

Eva’s cock comes out right into the gaping mouth of Kat who has no idea what is happening to her. Eva doesn’t stop with a blow job – she wants Kat’s little pussy and Eva gets what she wants.


Every guy dreams of fucking a slut like Rilana. She’s on heat and ready to fuck her brains out with any guy who wants to give her his cock. So come on in and watch all the dirty action as she goes crazy with the cock we gave her.

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What makes the perfect domme mistress? It goes without saying, she needs to be confident and controlling, able to tame, tease and torture her horny hungry slaves and subs. The ability to crack a good whip and keep her subjects gagged and restrained at all times is another good trait, but for many a standout quality is the ability to work a mean strap-on, and no one does that better than Mistress Tammy. OK, so Tammy’s strap-on is firmly stuck on! Her fleshy mammoth man meat has been attached since birth, but boy does this tranny temptress know how to wield and work her lovely long length like no other. People cum from miles around to see Tammy and her innocent shemale sub Suzie at play. Their legendary sessions would go on for hours, as Tammy worked on her young pups pin size poop hole, with Suzi subdued in chains and gag. They may look cute in their matching PVC corsets and open crotch fishnet pantyhose, but no one whipped, tied, teased and pleased, like Tammy the tranny, her ability to force feed and fuck were second to none. But what makes the perfect Dommer? It’s easy, the perfect Sub! And no one took such a punishing long thick pole of spunk filled sausage, in such a tight shaven hole, like Suzie the Sub.

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Venus and Bella pretent to be lab technicians in a sexual arousal study. The goal of the research is to determine sexual identity in males. With electrodes hooked to his penis, Sam sits in front of a monitor playing porn. When he starts to get turned on, the electrodes measure his erection.
When a scene from TsSeduction plays, his cock starts to perk up. He’s said he only likes sex where he sticks his penis in a vagina, but his cock is saying otherwise. Every time the on screen male gets his ass fucked, Sam’s penis gets harder.

This is just the results Venus and Bella were hoping for and not because of the study but because they can now fake a set up for “part two” of the trial and have him use his now hard cock on Bella before Venus gets in there with her own cock.

This hot medical play threesome is a feature shoot and has some fine ass fucking and great threesome sex. Sam gets used and tossed out like one of those paper sheets!

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Hat to the side and denim cut-off shorts on her smooth body Meiji takes a cumshot directly in her horny pussy! Meiji gives a handjob and pov blowjob, and can’t wait for hard cock. Meiji lays on her back and her Ladyboy snatch is rubbed with the cockhead. Her pussy draws in the bareback cock and Meiji takes a qick fuck and gets sperm right inside her gaped post-op cunt.


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ladyboyplayerWhen we first laid eyes on this super slim supermodel like ladyboy from Philippines we couldn’t wait to see her naked. Fortunately the job was half done as she came dressed in only a skimpy dark metallic green bikini and see through pink negligee. This shebabe has long straight brown attractively style hair and a strikingly beautiful face . Not only is she rail thin but she has long slender arms and legs which hint at her fifth special appendage. Sure enough when she gets naked she has a big long hard white dick with a fat pink head and swollen balls to match her pale elongated body. Her tool looks huge on her ripped emaciated figure as it stands erect waiting to be stroked. Other than her head there are only few wisps of hair around her balls and sweet boy pussy. After she jerks out a load of sticky cum she slathers the mess over her softening cock and then ends the set by fingering her butthole.

Photographer’s comments: From the very start I knew Rhiam is a tough girl, someone you don’t mess around with. She has this subtle “Prima Donna” attitude like wanting a hotel as location, not listening to my instructions and skeptical in taking Viagra. But I must admit she got the prettiest face so far. In fact, I’m planning to use her pictures as standards for future applicants. And all’s well that ends well since in the end, she decided to take the pill.

Incredible Asian ladyboys that love to masturbate until they shoot cum for the camera.

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Chanell Preston is built to fuck. She is a high speed sexual athlete who runs on cock. She is a lush, booming beautiful hottie that is here today to be completely disgraced and destroyed as only Sexuallybroken can deliver. And today we have not one but two rock hard dicks to totally take down this athlete.

Bound down on her knees between two wooden posts, shackled and bound with leather belts, Chanell is at perfect dick height. Anyone that wandered by could avail themselves of her face pussy. Which is exactly what we do. We run an endless train on her tonsils, completely reshaping the back of her throat. Chanell is pounded out into sexual subspace via cock.

As her eyes mist over and the deep back of the throat lube is brought up and slathered over her beautiful face, you can see Chanell slipping away. She gasps and moans around a mouthful of dick, deep in that animalistic zone an overload of cock can provide. We challenge her, slamming it home balls deep, making her take it all the way to the base. She limply hangs in.

It is time for total destruction. We pick up the pace, hammering it home with a vengeance. Chanell is not given a chance to get on top of it or catch her breath. One after another they own her throat meat without mercy. Jamming our fingers down her well used mouth hole and tightening up here neck chain seals the deal. Goodbye Chanell. We leave her limp in her bondage, used hard and completely disgraced. That is the look of someone that got hit by the cock truck.


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Eva Cassini dominates Katie St. Ives in a sci-fi spaceship. After a teasing blow job with her cock poking out of her cat suit, Eva makes Katie submit her mouth and pussy to her cock.

There is no easy way out for Katie who takes a pounding from Eva and in the end, Eva does her best to cum in Katie’s mouth, but her load is big and her orgasm so intense, she shots her cum like sprinkler well over Katie’s mouth and the bed!
Eva sexy, commanding, domination style makes Katie obey and fits perfectly with her own eagerness to please.


Each marriage starts with a baptism of fire, and Franco is just ready to give the young and fresh bride, Ashley the anal fucking of her young life. The innocent looking new wife probably doesn’t know what she is up for, but guessing from the look on her face, she doesn’t really mind it… what more! Franco really works over the beautiful bride, leaving her behind in her veil and with a gaping asshole.

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If you’ve never seen a bitch on heat then you better jump into the action here. Adela is hungry for some big cock and she’s about to get all the fucking she can handle. This is one slut who really does want to fuck her brains out.

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Iron Man is always ready to save the world. But he is also always ready to satisfy a needy pussy! Click here and watch how Iron Man decides to satisfy this wet and juicy pussy. His girlfriend first has to make his cock hard and only then the action can start!

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Valentina is a MILF with an attitude. She’s toned and horny and ready to fuck! Valentina needs to feel something thick deep in her pussy so she grabs the oil and slowly slicks her whole body, paying attention to her perky tits and amazing nipples.

She runs her fingers over her shaved mound and slowly eases a latex cock deep within her pussy folds. With a wrist action that’s second to none, this naughty British housewife fucks her cunt, giving herself an extreme and thorough pussy workout. Valentina knows that ramming her pussy with a latex cock beats doing the housework any day! This is one dirty MILF. She’s British and she’s very bad!

hardtiedWe have an interesting challenge for Bonnie Day. She has to keep this Hitachi vibrator pressed hard against her clit the entire time Jack Hammer is whipping the shit out of her. The pain doesn’t just make it hard for her to cum, it has her weak in the knees and barely able to hold on to the machine.

She’s selfish. She just wants to be able to enjoy herself. But Jack knows how to get the most mileage out of every beautiful slut he has in his clutches. The corporal punishment, rope bondage, and sexual titillation have to be in perfect balance to make sure that she doesn’t finish, blow out, or fall apart before he is done with them.

This one won’t. She’s wants this to be about her, but it never is. Whipping her into a frenzy, lifting her into the air, even making her cum, none of it is there to make her feel better. It all exists for him. And knowing that turns her on.

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Pirate wench Pimmy bounces her tight ass on a bareback dick! Pimmy loves cock in her mouth and tight hole. She’s fucked reverse cowgirl and doggystyle, her ass makes slurping noises while taking cock deep inside. Pimmy climbs back on for a cowgirl ride until her asshole is drenched in hot sperm!

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Tammy and Tiny were two ordinary everyday 16 year old high school girls- who just happened to both have rather large penises. They didn’t bother anyone and enjoyed their friendship and times together in and out of school. Since they had gangbanged Jacob, the school bully, nobody messed with the cute tranny twosome. But although Jacob no longer bullied anyone, he had become a bit of a sissy, and wouldn’t stop following the couple around, begging for more cock. It was during an after school game of basketball, in the gym, when Jacob took things too far! Jacob wouldn’t stop rubbing Tammy ‘s and Tiny’s crotches, at every chance he got he groped and grabbed the girls, finally tearing off Tammy’s brand new bikini bottoms. The sweet teen shemales decided it was time to teach Jacob a lesson he wouldn’t forget! They suddenly started stripping off and teasing Jacob, flashing their panty bulges, fingering their tight pussies and stroking their hung cocks, drawing Jacob in closer, luring him to join in the fun. Before you could say ‘teen tranny trio’ an afterschool orgy was in full swing, as Jacob feasted on Tiny’s ass, burying his tongue in her behind, as deeply as he could. Tammy took over, mouth fucking the hungry kid, sliding the full length of her shaft down his willing throat, before both girls took it in turn to fuck him senseless. As soon as both of the trans girl were ready to come, they put Jacob on his knees and prepared him for the cum fountain of his life, stuffing their cock in his gob and spurting seemingly endless amounts of salty spunk. Jacob was almost choking, struggling to swallow the huge loads as his eyes watered and he almost passed out. Both the girls watch and laughed as Jacob sat covered in spunk unable to speak. ‘Be careful what you wish for, Jacob, you might just get it!’.

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