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Deviant Double O has been called a lot of things in his checkered past, but until now lesbian was never one of them. With an unhealthy obsession for satin lingerie our main man 00 has now turned his hand to crossdressing. Thankfully his latest date, hung whore Paula, has a ‘try anything once’ outlook and is totally turned on by the sight of a cock-in-a-frock, albeit a slightly masculine one. The lesbian lovers can’t be held back as they suck and fuck in a nasty 2 man orgy.

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For some reason Nyssa Nevers cannot make up her mind. She screams every time PD hits her but whenever he starts to fill her holes with cock she seems just as unhappy. He is going to keep doing both until she learns to be a bit more appreciative. It does not matter to him if she is a slow learner. He has always been a man who loves to teach others. She does not realize that every time she begs for mercy he hears it as a cry for more. At this rate she may never figure it out.


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Welcome Kelly Divine to the pages of Sexually Broken. Kelly is one of porn’s most popular names. With her big awesome phat booty, her huge tits, her tan, bodacious body and amazing sex drive, Kelly is the cream of the crop. Today, however, is not your normal porn shoot and Kelly discovers the true meaning of the word “Helpless”.

Kelly has a curse. After she cums once, her clit gets very sensitive and her body rejects the vibration. Once this happens her natural survival instincts kick in and her body jerks uncontrollably to get away from the sensitive feeling, it is just too much for the mind to handle. But today she will find no escape from the vibration. Today she is bound and stuck on the world’s most powerful vibrator and Kelly is about to discover a whole new level of sexual hell: torment and pleasure combined to completely wreck her brain and turn her into a mindless, drooling, Screaming, cumming machine.

Bound in a sexy “doggy Style” position with the sybian pressed and bound into place, Kelly dreads what is about to happen to her. We oil up her ass, tits and body, and tie her head back so she cannot move in any direction. We ramp up the vibrator and within seconds Kelly is moaning and cumming her brains out.

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Vanilla is a Politician that will do anything to win the upcoming election. She makes a commercial smearing her opposing candidate, Jordan. When he sees it, he decides to fight back and threaten to release explicit photos of her unless she sleeps with him.

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Annie can’t seem to be able to find a man to fuck her the way she needs so DL decides to help with some training of the kinky kind. They have one appointment left in their medical office and decide to use this patient as a piece of meat for their wicked minds and hungry pussies. daac is ordered to strip and is quickly tied up and gagged. he is mercilessly flogged on his chest and ass. his dick is bound and slapped but manages to stay hard. Next, he must please both women orally. he licks Annie’s ass and then fucks DL’s pussy with a dildo gag on. Tied to a chair, Annie rides his cock, cumming hard all over him. daac is ordered to cum and is then fed his jiz. Disgusted, he says he will apologize to every woman who has ever had to swallow his cum! In the end he is sodomized like a little bitch; one strapon cock in his ass and one dildo in his mouth!

Tara Lynn Foxx
“The Shortstop”
HT: 5’7
WT: 135
Season W/L Record (0-0)
Lifetime record (2-3)

Izamar Gutierrez
“La Diabla”
HT: 5’3
WT: 135
Season W/L (1-1)
Lifetime record (3-2)


Tara Lynn Fox is back after missing Season 9. In Season 8 she was undefeated. Her first match for Season 10 is Season 9′s runner up in Summer Vengeance, Izamar Gutierrez.
La Diabla comes at the Shortstop like a bat outta hell. But the shortstop has some moves up her sleeve and her cuteness is a weakness for La Diabla. The Shortstop easily seduces La Diabla and hinders her from being able to score points all in the mean time reversing holds and scoring points of her own. Tara Lynn Foxx walks away with her closest score against an elite wrestler making up for her performance in Season 7 where she lost by over 500pts in every match she had. Winner puts a strenuous torture Rack on the loser and finger fucks her. Someone gets fucked hard in round 4 and gets the Spartan dildo javaline tossed into her Pussy.

Probably not many people knows, but the beautiful Sandy is a big time baseball fan. So decided to give a naked tribute to all baseball lovers and players, holding nothing back. If you weren’t a big time baseball fan so far, we are pretty sure that THIS kind of baseball will appeal you!

In this fantasy role play, Gaia has been taken out of a women’s prison and brought to a secluded country ranch for an experimental rehabilitation program. However, the program is just a facade for a corrupt prison guard and a wealthy land owner to turn convicts into trained sex slaves. New girl Gaia impresses with her sexual appetite for rough sex and ability to be bound while getting face fucked and anal sex by James Deen.


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We have Allie James, the 20 year old farmer’s daughter, back on the pages of the fastest growing Bondage and Rough Sex (BaRS) site in the world. Allie grew up on a farm in the North East and brings her fresh, all natural innocence. We love her so much.

Today our sexy little blond has been transformed into a sex bot. She wears the famous INSEX mask of old, with a huge ring gag holding her mouth open. Tape covers her eyes, her sexy body bound with leather and chains. Allie is contorted into the ultimate “fuck me” position. She is completely stuck and helpless, her pussy pushed out and totally exposed for our pleasure.

We start with a vibrator, teasing our 20yr old blond. Her body twitches and grinds trying to get more, but we tease. We add fingers to drive her crazy, then we just attack. We finger blast her on the squirt couch. We make her cum over and over. The cock cums to play and her pussy gets deeply and brutally fucked. Orgasm after orgasm is pounded out of this helpless farmer’s daughter. Rough sex at it’s best. Fingers make her squirt, the vibrator makes her cum, and the cock makes her moan like a common whore as it fucks her to several brutal orgasms.


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Our new cutie, Yiki is such an adorable girl. She looks so innocent in her schoolgirl uniform and with that sweet smile on her face. Who would think that Yiki is a naughty little brat, who always up for some kinkiness? Like today, when as a first thing after school, she drops her clothes to play with her huge dildo. Amazing sight.

Uber-sexy Havana Ginger has the kind of face that makes dicks erect in a second. Her mouth is almost unbearably inviting, and her eyes… suffice to say, you want to fuck that face as hard as you can, dipping your schlong deep down in her mouth. But you don’t want to cum yet, because you want to explore every inch of that astonishing body, and fuck her juicy pussy all night long, and as a finish, come on her sexy face. And this is EXACTLY what happens in this video.

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