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Russia meets Croatia in our next fight as Ashley, our Russian candidate beats the shit out of Alexa Wild, a weak chainsmoker. Watch as Miss Healthy Lifestyle conquers the lazy blonde and dominates her until she surrenders completely. And remember, the winner gets sex…! Check out how Ashley amused herself with her girl-slave afterwards…

Gorgeous, blonde and British Robyn Truelove needs some help in S&M etiquette. Bound with her legs closed, Derrick attempts to teach Robyn how to be a lady through flogging, tit slapping and deep throat training. In doggy position, she is spanked with books filled with English literature before being fucked hard from behind. Spread wide open in missionary, Derrick claims Robyn’s pussy, penetrating it deeply and ripping forced orgasms from it before placing her on her knees for a ball-gagged face full of cum.


Lana is trying to escape Lesbian Island so she could fuck some cock, but the lesbians that control the island won’t let her leave. While trying to escape, Aimee the leader of the lesbians captures her and makes Lana change her cock craving urges.

Milcah Halili arrives with a high pain tolerance, ready to be trained. She already has experience in the lifestyle and a working knowledge of her limits. This is the type of trainee that you can get into some real detail work with, and so we delve in with extremely tight bondage and painful predicaments in order to shake some answers out of the girl. While she answers some basic questions about her goals and prior training her calves suffer and quiver under her socks. Her legs are captivating, and receive a great deal of attention from the crop, cane, zapper, whatever is on hand really. Add a buckets of rocks hanging off of a a merciless crotch rope and plus a vibrator jammed against her clit, she is ready to give up control and hang in the air, coming helplessly and beautifully.

Clearly the trainee can suffer and speak at the same time, but can she suck dick? And stand on her toes? In a crouch? Carrying heavy rocks? Bound in chain? You get the idea. No dick is ever easily earned on the Training of O, but Milcah may have had to pay forward more than most. She really does look lovely screaming with a dick in her mouth.

Many pain sluts can take the corporal all day long, but put them in reverse cowgirl and they are ready to beg for mercy. Milcah really shine in the this scene, tied to a giant rod of bamboo and told to ride the dick until I am satisfied. She bounces, begs, comes, and screams.

One of the most fascinating things about our intrepid trainee is her porn anal virginity. How she has managed to keep it so long is beyond me, but in exchange for her training she offers it up to you viewers. The scene opens with her on her back, legs spread, begging for the cock in her virgin ass. We let our big dicked gimp take it out on her tight asshole until she is pleading for the come. Well done Milcah. We look forward to Day Two!


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I always find it a lot of fun finding abandoned factories/warehouses and getting all horny outdoors (much more fun if there were guys and girls around to join in!). Though I have to make the most of it when the sun is out, so whats a girl to do? I’m sure you will love me teasing, just as much as I did doing it and who knows maybe I will see you there next time…

Josephina and Irene are sexy, but quite hopeless ballet dancers in their college Ballet Studio. Thanks to them Christmas staging is falling apart, so Mr. Walberg, famous ballet-master, is invited to get them ready.

It seems he has some secret approach, which turns untalented ladies into very emotional and expressive ballerinas…Josephine and Irene get to know his secret the very first day: after the lesson Mr. Walberg chains them and drags them to a gloomy basement, where he makes them experience intolerable pain!! While Josephine, chained to the ceiling, is impaled on a huge dildo, Irene is asked to suck Mr. Walberg’s shlong, and that’s merely a beginning!

Either a Domina or a submissive pretty slave, a girl has to have an overwhelming sexuality to find her place in the world of kink. If Lyen Parker wants to gain Mistress Kathia’s good will, she has to prove that she is that little something in her that would make her an interesting sex partner… so Lyen bares her tender body and gives a solo presentation.

Fay strips off her workout hotpants and sits backwards on an exercise ball. Her back arches and easy access to her inviting butthole. Fay plays with her elastic hole then slips a vibrating buttplug up her ready buttslit. Fay fucks herself and wanks at the same time, shooting a stringy load on the ball from her prostrate stimulation. Nice close-ups of Fay’s sperm and wrinkled anus.


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Yaya will have your heart skipping a beat in her racing outfit. Her long legs in fishnet stockings accentuated by black boots. Yaya shows her naturally beautiful ass and spreads her new pussy and ass wide. Yaya plays with her asshole and takes a realistic dildo all the way to the balls, withering to in a steamy orgasm.


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HERE IS an awesome little newhalf who just seems to blossom with every shoot! Welcome back Rise Kaneshiro, a 21-year-young Japanese / Korean cutie who is beginning to stake her claim and make some serious waves in the industry since making her first adult site appearance right here on SMJ back in January 2014. Petite, alluring and with an insatiable sexual appetite (just check out her hardcore sets!) the gorgeous Rise returns in this astounding solo – what better way to top off another week of cock-hungry newhalf vixens right here here on Shemale Japan!


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At first Gina thought she had been totally busted, fucking a taxi driver out in front of her work place not realising her boss had been watching the whole time! Her boss had no problems with the girls fucking customers, but it was Gina’s tranny cock that was pounding the ass of the cab guy, and her bar had no idea she was a sheamle, she was sure she would lose her job. As her female boss walked closer and closer it suddenly became clear she had no skirt or panties on! And where one would expect to see a nice juicy beaver, there swung the biggest, thickest cock you could imagine! Of course Gina was instantly relieved, not only would she now keep her job, but she had found a fellow ladyboy friend working with her. Her shemale boss wasn’t so easily won over and in order to keep Gina’s secret quiet she wanted both the young cab driver and Gina to please her! They made their way into the club, which was quiet as all the other girls and staff were still in the changing rooms getting ready. First Gina was made to continue to fuck the young stud, and as she did so her boss played with her own cock, stoking it stiff whilst she encouraged Gina to fuck the boy with all her might. Finally her boss stepped in, she made Gina withdraw her cock and said ‘let me show you how to fuck a boy real harder’. She immediately thrust her cock in the young guy’s ass and fucked away like the energizer bunny, thudding his tight back passage raw as he winced and moaned. Whilst she was fucking the cab driver she began to spread open her own butt cheeks and started yelling at Gina to fuck her in the same way. Soon enough Gina was pummelling her boss’s ass with her boner, creating a sexy 2 tranny sandwich. The horny threesome fucked and sucked all across, and Gina was rewarded with a double delicious creamy cum facial..

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sexuallybrokenCourtney Taylor is a barbie doll come to life. Huge tits, big blow job lips, juicy bootie, long blonde hair, tan and a shaved pussy. This sexbot was put on the planet to fuck and she is very very good at it. When you see her walking down the street you want to bend her over the nearest bench and stuff all her holes full of cock. Today we are going to put our sex doll to the test.

We belt her down onto a custom made wooden bondage device with thick leather straps. Her tan oiled body gleams under the studio lights and her giant breasts jut up to the ceiling like mountains. A fucking machine is bolted in place between her lean thighs. The dildo is shoved deeply into her perfectly shaved barbie cunt. Time to make this bimbo cum.

Once the machine is flipped on, you can actually see her stomach move outwards with each stoke as the machine owns her pussy. Courtney cums, hard and fiercely, moaning though her huge blow job lips. We accept the invitation and slide a hard dick balls deep right into her face pussy. This barbie is now airtight, stuffed from both ends. She is living up to her purpose, drooling on the dick as the fucking machine bulges out her abs. Her eyes water and her makeup is slowly destroyed. When makeup meets dick, dick always wins.

Courtney’s eyes glaze and she sags limply in her bondage as her throat is plowed by hard cock. This is her true purpose. This is what she is meant to do. This sexbot is a keeper. We drive a few more thrusts into her open drooling mouth just to remind her of her place before walking away. We are definitely going to have this one back, she was born for the dick.

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Apple barebacks a guy with her nice cock then gets a creampie up her gaper! Apple deep throats and licks the guys ass, making it wet for penetration. Apple takes off her heels and rubs her one-eyed monster again the guys brown eye. Apple pushes her bareback cock inside his ass and thrusts with a big happy smile. After some fucking it’s Apples turn for barebacking. Apple rides cowgirl and her dick dances up and down. Apple jerks herself off while riding the raw cock. Apple still has cum on herself when she lays back and is humped missionary. Her small titties are expose as cum shoots all over her well-used anus.


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What better way to wash away those Monday blues than logging into SMJ and soaking up a hardcore set of epic proportions! Kicking off in style with some sloppy mutual sucking, Osaka goddess Megumi delivers an awesome display of versatility as she tops and bottoms her lucky guy in this blistering fuck-fest! Strap yourself in and enjoy guys, this is not to be missed!


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A building wide power outage makes fast fuck buddies out of Becca and Vivi who pass the time waiting for the lights to come back on with flirting and foreplay. Just as Becca puts Vivi’s pussy in her mouth, the lights flicker back to life but neither girl is interested in stopping. Becca in fact, has something very special to show Vivi and now with the lights on Vivi will get a very good look at Becca’s hot, hard cock.

This discover drives Vivi wild and the two fuck like mad on the bed. Becca is so turned on from fucking Vivi’s ass, pussy and mouth, that she nearly cums inside Vivi, pulling out at the last minute to cum on her belly.



Some sexy and well hung ladyboys in this hot update! Innocent looking ladyboy Maggie is a slim tgirl with a sexy, smooth and well toned body, and a rock hard cock! Phillipina ladyboy Mitch has a hot slim body and a thick cock that gets rock hard, she masturbated until she came all over her stomach! Horny Bangkok ladyboys Anna and Natty enjoy some hardcore sex in this hot scene. Both tgirls have sexy hard cocks and they used their tools to fuck each other. In the end they both came bucketfuls of cum on Natty! Pattaya ladyboy Oil is a sexy, cute and very well hung ladyboy! This hot Asian shemale has a huge cock that gets rock hard! Asian transsexual Pang has a sexy well built body and a large uncut cock that she loves to use! This horny ladyboy loves sex! Enjoy!

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Newcomer to the fetish and bondage scene, Sheena Shaw joins FetishNation a bondage virgin and left a shiny wet bondage slut.

For her very first scene, we decided to tie her hot little flexible body into the most challenging positions she could do, which she responded to with a ready willingness and a gorgeous smile. For a burgeoning bondage bunny, these positions are high on the intensity scale and you have to give her points for how well she pulled it off.

What this slutty little redhead does with such a naughty twinkle in her eye is well worth drooling over. We were really impressed with not only her flexibility but also her willingness to endure extremely challenging and vulnerable positions to be bound in. Watching her with one leg frog tied and the other ankle crossed up behind her head, exposing her sweet little pussy, I know you can just imagine diving right in to taste her glistening box. As I instructed her on how to pose, snapping away with my camera, I could feel her experiencing her loss of control and eagerness to please as an enormous turn on.

Over the course of our bondage afternoon, tight ropes and stern direction showed what a true BDSM slut Sheena turned out to be. Enjoy the foreplay.

Mia Li is spunky, eager and loves to fuck. She brings an enthusiasm to the table that can not be denied. We like enthusiastic sluts here at Sexuallybroken. It inspires us to do things like hang them upside down from the ceiling and stuff them full of cock like a busty bondage piñata.

In a position most could not handle due to how strenuous it is, Mia is already challenged before we have even touched her. Suspended upside down in the bolero straightjacket from Stockroom, with a dildo jammed in her pussy and a vibrator on her clit is more hardcore bondage then most can take. Mia Li is not most. Time to make this even more challenging. We walk right up and make full use of her wide open mouth hole. Her eyes bulge and water. This is how you throat train a slut.

Back and forth the dicks use this swinging bag of holes. Ramping up the pace we add in the flogger and turn on the vibrator. It is an overwhelming on the senses. A dildo deep inside her, a vibrator working away on her juicy clit, her round ass firmly flogged, bound in a straightjacket and hanging upside down as multiple cocks own her throat-it is more then most will ever experience. Mia responds with multiple orgasms as she gags on the dicks running a train on her mouth.

Even though Mia is a spend and slavering mess, lost deep into sexual subspace, we are not done with her yet. Weighted nipples clamps and a wooden tongue trap remind her just why she is here-to be a piece of meat for our use. We leave our fucktoy gently swaying over a puddle of her own drool, well used and fucked hard. It is a good look on her.


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Marica Hase has been a bad girl. She’s been kicked out of her college dorm for possession of a vibrator. Luckily, Chanel Preston knows exactly how to handle unrepentant whores. She drives Marica out into the woods for a weekend of lesbian electro-punishment. She surprises Marica in the shower with the cattle prod and fingers her to orgasm while scaring her with electricity. Marica gets double penetrated with electrical toys for some outdoor electrofucking and pussy licking, and then she is tied to a tree, covered in sticky pads and finger fucked with no one around for miles to hear her screams of pain and pleasure. Marica has learned her lesson: she will be a “good girl” from now on!


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